Values are the essence of Tieffe’s corporate philosophy through which people share a strong sense of belonging and guidelines for their daily job.

Experience, devotion and perseverance allow the company to take up new challenges and share them with its partners.

Quality is important, values make a difference.


Thanks to its seriousness, professional approach and competence, Tieffe has managed to conquer customer loyalty, something that is still being renewed day by day.

Everyone here contributes to make sure that everything is verified in detail thus allowing the company to be recognized and appreciated for its competence and reliability.

Trust is the basis for a stable and long-lasting relationship: Tieffe works hard, every day, to ensure that.


Tieffe is not only committed to provide products with excellent performances, but also to offer complete and innovative solutions to all the partners who want to grow together with the company.

Tieffe is a resilient company that works to meet the needs of a fast and dynamic market; the aim is to provide customers with what they need to successfully manage their core business.

The company is determined to enable and strengthen the most important network of all: Customers satisfaction.